KeenCorp scientist, Andrea Ferguson, wakes from a 3,000 year sleep in Bio-Stasis to find herself alone on the damaged, city-sized spaceship, The Celestial Ark. Aided only by aging robots and the records of a man who woke long ago to a similar situation, Andrea must find a way to unravel the ship's greatest mysteries in order to reach her destination alive.
Out of this World Science Fiction
A lifelong fan of multiple incarnations of Science Fiction – from animation, comedy, and video games to award winning novels, movies, and even music – Carly Porzig has always had a particular interest in those stories involving artificial life and robotics. Carly lives in Indiana, USA with her husband, cats, reptiles, and giant robots. When not writing, she enjoys drawing, playing World of Warcraft and binge watching genre television shows.
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Embark on a Mystery Filled Trip Through the Universe
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